Standard D/A pneumatic cylinder model

Orbinox standard double acting cylinders are speciffically designed to suit Orbinox knife gate valves.

Main features

  • End caps and barrels up to bore 12”/300mm are made of aluminium
  • Barrels with bore 14”/350mm and 16"/400mm are made of composite material
  • Piston rod in stainless steel
  • Air supply can vary from 50psi/3,5bar up to a maximum 150psi/10bar
  • Air quality requirements according to ISO 8573-1 Grade 5:4:3 for normal processes, Grade 5:3:3 for cold temperature applications (min.-20º C water dew point); for cylinders with positioners Grades 3:4:3 (standard) / 3:3:3 (-20ºC)


  • End caps and barrels up to bore 12”/300mm in anodized aluminium.
  • Detachable clevis with different dimensions.
  • Magnetic limit switches available with special magnetic kit above the piston.
  • Single acting up to 10”/250mm bore
  • Manual override system (two piston rods).

Bore sizes ("/mm)
DN 4”/100mm
DN 5”/125mm
DN 6”/160mm
DN 8”/200mm
DN 10”/250mm
DN 12”/300mm.